Mentorship is centered around fostering a tight knit community in which underclassmen can learn about opportunities, college secrets, and general advice from experienced upperclassmen. In our membership program, several underclassmen are placed in families with one upperclassman based on mutual interests and hobbies, with several families being placed into teams. These teams compete in a semester-long competition where they earn points by attending BMES events and getting together outside of the club.

Mentorship Pairings Template Example

Why Mentorship?

Mentorship opens up opportunities for both professional and personal experiences. Mentorship families can make time outside of classes and events such as grabbing food together or hosting a mini study session. Families will also be attending large body meetings in their respective teams to compete in fun events and have a chance to socialize. At the end of the semester, there will be a competition that will determine the overall mentorship team winner based on the amount of points the team has earned throughout the semester.

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