Design Team

The BMES Design team provides a hands-on opportunity to students, so they can build a medical device in just one year. 

The BMES Design Team is a new initiative (started in 2023) to provide students with an experiential learning opportunity to develop themselves as engineers. The vision was to have a year-long effort to expose students to the medical device development process –– everything from idea generation to implementing the device. In addition to applying knowledge from the curriculum, the BMES Design Team offers a cross-functional, collaborative environment that fosters innovation and supports the development of transferrable skills. 

2023-2024 Project

This year, we have partnered with the Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to construct a robust material testing system for ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs). 

Check out this presentation to learn more about the work we accomplished this year and see pictures above!

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